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A Brief Overview Of Dental Care Cambridge

Right from fillings and dental repairs, there are different types of dental care service provided by a dentist. In dental repairs, different types of restorative materials are used to treat cavities in the tooth or any trauma. The most common method is the composite fillings that are made from tooth-colored resin that gives the look and feel of a natural tooth. However, materials are selected according to your specific needs. Treatment of root canals or Endodontics is another dental treatment in which the tooth pulp is removed. This is a thread like tissue in the center of your tooth.

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Different Types Of Dental Implants

There are different types of dental implants used for proper Dental Care Cambridge. A dentist may suggest dental crowns or caps protect damaged, broken or cracked teeth. Dental crowns are usually made of porcelain and sit over the tooth above the gum line. You may also use a metal or a combination of materials in dental crowns. Bridges and implants are two other ways to treat the tooth that is missing. There are different types of dental bridges and the most common one is the fixed bridge. Dental implants are metal frames positioned into the jawbone to anchor the replacement teeth.

Tooth Extractions And Whitening

Tooth extraction is also done to remove a tooth from the bone socket when all other traditional methods fail. One most common type of tooth extraction is the wisdom tooth removal. Tooth whitening is another process that is done to remove stains from your teeth. Apart from that, the dentist may also give some oral appliance that will act as Anti-snoring devices to cure sleep apnea and other sleeping disorders in patients.